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Online booking

User friendly booking web-plugin makes customer experience easy and intuitive. Accessible 24/7 and shortens booking process to almost 1 click.

Customers tracking

Build meaningful relationships with your customers. Keep track of their booking history, special dates and unique details, like allergies.


Automated text and email confirmations and reminders will eliminate no-shows and stop wasting time on phone calls. We support all carriers.

Mobile friendly

Our application works perfectly on desktops, tablets, phablets, phones etc. No additional apps and expenses for you.

Analytics and reports

Track how you and your employees are performing, make smart business decisions based on relevant data.


No more juggling between different solutions, and no more redundant data. Work with one easy solution, that was made special for you.

CONNECT with our community

We are not only selling software, we are building a community that educates, encourages, and becomes better and better every single day


We used to rely on Groupon too much. In 90% of cases those were only one-time clients, that didn’t really make us profitable. With CONNECT we stopped wasting our money, and focused on retaining clients, and turning them into loyal.

Anna, Salon owner

No-shows were a huge problem for us. People made appointments, and simply forgot about them. It was especially painful on Sundays, up to 30% of bookings were no-shows. CONNECT fixed that problem for us, their automated reminders eliminated no-shows, and saved us a lot of money.

David, Salon manager

I hate calling and talking on the phone. Previously I had to call my salon every time, but now I am so happy they launched online booking. I can book my next appointment any time, it so easy, I love it!

Tiya, Customer

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