The first and most important thing in building a product is to know your customers. That’s a rule!

This is necessary because you need to know is there actually anyone who would buy your product, do they even have those problems you are trying to solve, or are your solving them the right way. But in order to know that, you have to do one simple thing — talk to your prospective clients! Talk to the people you are trying to reach, know their habits, where they shop, what they do in free time, speek their language.


To sell you have to know the exact pain point you need to push and exact words how to say it.

Maybe during the communication process you can find out that they don’t have these problems, and suffer from something different. Or they have these problems, but the way you are saying it is wrong and they don’t understand you. Or you can find out that you are doing everything right, and they love your product.

Communication and honest relationship will bring you loyal customers. It’s one thing to sign up a new customer, but it’s even harder to make him stay, and the key is communication and support.

This is why our team is constantly communicating with our current and prospective customers, we’re walking door to door, we’re attending events and conferences, all in order to get real feedback and find ways to become even better.


We were extremely happy to attend International beauty show in New York #ibsny So many beautiful and talented people. Once again we realized how lucky we are to be involved in this beauty sphere. We even dared to have our haircuts done on the stage 😎


We will never get tired of saying: the most important part in building a product is to know the people you are building it for, and such events are perfect for that purpose!

BTW our Axsys team is currently in New York, contact us and we will be glad to meat for a chat, or to set up a demo ✌🏽