Our AXSYS team is in the beauty industry for 1,5 years. All this time we’ve been actively researching, communicating and working with our primary market. And since then we’ve noticed one very sad fact: small salons are constantly closing up.

But isn’t this the beauty of the beauty industry, that every talented man and woman can open a small place the way they like in their own personal style, and do their most favorite thing in the world?

So what the hell happened? When did everything went wrong? When did a small family beauty salon became a synonym of low-quality services?

We wanted to cross the t's and dot the i's and understand what are the main reasons for this phenomenon?

First of all, it is extremely hard for them to compete with big brands and salon chains. They have all the money in the world for marketing and advertising, and the small businesses only have their loyal local customers and the main leverage - low prices. They lower the prices for their services, thus devaluing their work. But the worst thing is that you can’t survive on low prices, as a result small business dies.

Groupons. On one hand they are a good opportunity for small venues to let people know about them, and how awesome their services are. But there are a few problems with this strategy. Firstly, if a person is not willing to pay for your services the full price for the first time, it is highly unlikely that she or he will do that the next time, it is more likely they will find another groupon discount. Then follows the second problem, groupons cost way too much for salons, business owners give huge discounts on their services and pay groupon for their mediation, as a result money are lost, and retention rates are miserable. Business suffers hardly.

Third, and probably one of the main reasons, is the business owners themselves, more precisely the way they do their business. Let’s face it, you are not businessmen, you are artists. Artists care about beauty, they don’t care about boring numbers. But the sad fact is, that these boring numbers rule your business. You need to know what is going on, how many people are coming, how many are returning or leaving, why are they leaving, how did they find out about your salon, how many no-shows there were last week, do you need reminders, emails, how are your employees performing? And I can go on forever. If you don’t know this, you have no idea whether your business is going to survive or die, or maybe you need to change something ASAP. This is how the big brands work, this is nowadays must-have.

Now it’s time for a fair question: how the hell can you manage all of this? While still providing good services, tracking employees performance, doing the numbers, and trying to turn all clients into loyal.

The answer is simple: automate or die.

We live in a wonderful time. We are free to do the thing we love, and have super easy technical tools to assist us. Practically all routine processes can be automated, leaving us all the fun.

This is our mission. With our automation platform CONNECT, you are able to enjoy the thing you love most - making people beautiful. We will automate your routine duties from sending text reminders and confirmations to doing the numbers and analytical reports. This gives you more time to spend with your loyal clients and training employees, this makes customer interactions with your salon more pleasant, and increases client satisfaction and retention rates. But what is most important we take all the stress away from you.

This way you work smarter, and not harder. We believe that businesses of all size deserve a good software solution, especially YOU.

And now you might think that this is too expensive for your small business, but we are way ahead of you with our special business model.

You don’t have to lose the charm of a small beauty salon or a family owned barbershop, but you need to think and act like a big business in order to survive.