Recent surveys reveal that people typically have very little patience. We are all super busy, and even the tiniest delay, misunderstanding and inconvenience can cause childish frustration.

What are the biggest pain points in our salon visit experience:

  • The necessity to call. It may sound silly, but most people don’t like to call any more, it’s simply too much effort, plus takes time and energy . And do you know what is the worst part? People don’t answer the phone!! How many times has this happened to you ? And how did it make you feel? I bet it wasn’t the best customer experience of your life.
  • Another problem is that some potential clients simply can’t call and book an appointment during their working hours. They can either call early in the morning or late in the evening. And guess what? Nobody will answer the phone at that hour. That ain’t good for the reputation of your place.
  • Clients sometimes forget about the appointments, thus they like to be reminded of them. But the method of these reminders really matters! Imagine you are in the middle of a business meeting, then you get a phone call from an unknown number; you think it might be super important, interrupt your meeting, answer the phone and… well you know what happens next, we’ve all been there.
  • Customers like special attention. For example, they like their names pronounced correctly, and what kind of coffee they like. Would you visit the same place over and over if they couldn’t even remember your name? In short, NO.

To succeed, it is no longer enough to provide just good services, now it is all about added value, and the exceptional experience.

One of the features that can solve all of these problems at once is online booking software.

Platforms like Axsys CONNECT propose a real and simple solution to turn customer frustration into customer satisfaction.

Convenient online booking is practically a must have in todays online world. It’s easy to install and to use it solves a lot of customers pain points. First of all, people wouldn’t have to call anybody, they can just book online by themselves. This gives them the feeling of control and satisfaction. No more unanswered calls and irritated people on the other side.

Second, they can book any time of the day, whenever is most convenient for them. Your place is available basically 24 hours a day, what is really valuable, when timing is critical.

Another benefit is that such complex system allows for salons, spas and barbershops to gather information about clients in one place and gives access to it anytime. This is perfect in terms of client experience, as you have all the needed information to provide added value for your customers.

Client expectations always change, and you need to keep up with these changes in order to succeed. Don’t get me wrong, you still need to provide them good services, but that is no longer enough. Customers have such a vast variety of choices, that you need the perfect added value, and an exceptional experience to build a loyal client base.