While communicating with our prospective clients, we faced a surprising issue, a lot of them don’t understand what is online booking.

Briefly the conversation looked like this:

  • Hey, guys, I visited your website and noticed that you do not have online booking. If you have a few minutes let me tell you how it can change your salon business.
  • No, thanks, we have online booking.

At this moment I start to feel really bad and embarrassing: “how could I’ve missed it, I should have been more attentive”. Then I double check, of course.

  • Oh, sorry, but I just checked and you don’t have online booking, you just have an email request form.
  • Yes, that’s our online booking.

Ok, let me get something straight: email forms are not online booking. And here is why.

When your potential client fills out an email form on your website, they only send you a request. After that your employees have to read that email and text or call back.

While at first, this might seem simpler, but there are some very big disadvantages.

First of all, clients can’t count on instant reaction. Your employees might be busy, they might forget to check corporate email, or they even might miss it. This way there is a big chance that you will lose the client.

Second, if clients send you a request, then they have some free time to make a reservation right now. In an hour or even 15 minutes they already might be busy, and miss your call or ignore your email. Such miscommunications are lost opportunities for everybody.

The last, but not the least, emailing or even talking on the phone trying to find a slot that would be suitable for your beauty salon and for the customer is too time consuming and painful. This is why email forms are not online booking, the customer doesn’t actually book the appointment online, they just let you know they need one.

Instead, bring your customers the most pleasant and easy experience - online booking. First, your clients are able to book 24/7 whenever it is convenient for them, this makes your beauty salon accessible even after working hours, what means more happy clients for you. Second, they select the service they require, and choose among the free time slots the one that suits them better.

The last, but not the least, no miscommunications, no missed calls or emails. Your clients are able to plan their time, and count on you waiting for them.

Our online booking web plugin is very easy to use, we payed a lot of attention to design and we have a secret sauce. Our system shortens the booking process to almost one click!

Don’t forget, we are living in the era of gadgets. Everything you need you can buy or book online. This does not mean, that we want to replace direct communication between you and your clients, we just want to make is as easy and painless as possible.

Show your clients, that you care about them and their time.