Do you have a trial period?
No, we don’t think that trial periods are ineffective, as they don’t take into account time you need to set up everything. Instead our software is free and we are giving you $50 on your account for the text reminders.
Yes, we are famous for our friendly support, you can call our toll free number or write an email.
No, you as the account owner manage the levels of access..
Yes, you can set individual schedule for every employee, and the calendar allows to view them on one screen.

Online booking

How do I install booking plugin?
All you need to do is to add a small script to your website. There is a guide in the settings. Or you can call us for assistance.
Yes, for every employee and service you can set up availability for online booking.
Online booking works the same way after your working hours, all new appointment will appear in the calendar, and all automated notifications will be delivered.
Yes, our smart system has all information to after only free time slots. But in case you will need to enable double booking, it is also possible to do in the settings.


Do we need to send the reminders manually?
No, you only need to set them once and after they will be sent automatically.
Yes, in the reminder there will be a link, through it a client can cancel if necessary.
Yes, carriers don’t matter for us, and that doesn’t affect the price.
You can simply disable email or text notifications in the settings.

Pricing & Billing

What happens after the $50?
You can continue using our software for free, and in case you need text reminders, you can easily request and buy them.
We do not collect your billing data, all payments go through and stored by .
Yes, we charge for every 100 texts you use, and made sure we have the lowest prices for you.