Functional calendar

You deserve better than messy paperwork, notebooks, missed and lost clients.

  • All appointments instantly appear in the calendar;
  • Calendar displays schedules of multiple service providers on one screen;
  • Set individual employee schedule, if necessary;
  • 5-minute time slots available;
  • Ability to set flexible time slots for services
  • View, edit, or delete appointments right in the calendar;

  • View, edit, or delete appointments right in the calendar;
  • Look over customer details and comments;
  • Manage personal days-off and weekends;
  • Malendar and agenda view;
  • Enable or disable double booking;
  • Custom appointment colors for every service category;
  • Synchronized with Google Calendar.

Easy-to-use online booking

Stop wasting time and money on unnecessary and often annoying phone calls with our web-plugin for online booking.

  • Easy to install, no technical skills required;
  • Accessible 24/7, you won’t miss or lose anymore clients, as they can self-book whenever they want;
  • Set the maximum time for online booking in advance;
  • Determine preferred services and service \providers that will be allowed for online booking;
  • Shorten the booking process to almost 1-click;
  • Attractive and stylish design;
  • Modern approach for millennials.

Automated notifications and reminders

Eliminate client no-shows and stop wasting time on confirmation calls.

  • Fully automated text and email notifications;
  • confirm appointment, notify about any changes or cancellations;
  • Customize the text of notifications;
  • Enable or disable email and/or text reminders;
  • Set the time, when you want reminders to be sent;
  • Customers can cancel appointments via link in text and email reminders;
  • We support all carriers.

Client records

Just good services won’t make your customers come back anymore. You need to pay special attention to them and build meaningful relations.

  • Save customers contact information;
  • Keep clients personal details, like birthdays;
  • Track whole booking history, know their favorite services and service providers;
  • Collect their feedback, and feedback on them, know what kind of clients they are;
  • Write comments and notes about some specific details, or previous appointments;
  • Set discount in customer profile, which will be counted in automatically;
  • Personalize customer experience, and offer special unique treatment.

Employees profiles

Any business is worth nothing without happy employees.

  • Set profiles with different levels of access to information;
  • Personal calendar with only employees’ bookings and agenda;
  • Save detailed information, like what services employees provide, and how qualified they are;
  • Access contact information at any time;
  • Keep providers appointment history;
  • Collect feedback about their services;
  • Track providers performance.

Analytics and reports

Make smart business decisions based on relevant data.

  • Track clients behavior. Contact them if anything goes wrong (e.g. They haven’t visited your place for a long time);
  • Know all the important metrics, for example, what services and service providers bring you the most profit, and what service you have to give up etc;
  • Financial reports, like average check per customer; correlation between services; average income; maximum and minimum daily income; number of no-shows etc;
  • Understand your business; apply modern approach in your management.